Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Well, I spent the late afternoon out on location of the farm I will be shooting at this Saturday. Amazing place, full of all kinds of great things to capture on a bolex. This is yet further test QT mv4 for ideas, images, fusion, words, sound, etc. Trying to see if there is a rhythm yet to what I hope to create in two months' time. I still seem to be going in the same direction, but this time, I started on the process of how to pull the live music images  into the more static images. I found a live clip of Jeff Finlin (albeit of very poor quality) and used it to start looking at what I will need to do, and it will be fairly straightforward. I will be using a much more artsy approach, by being inspired by the look of Tom Waits, and looking at the films of Jem Cohen as well. (love Jem Cohen- strange but beautiful).
I spent time today reading more Bresson quotes, and one really stood out to me: "Dig into your sensation... don't analyze it with words. Translate it into sister images..." I connected with this quote as it speaks to how I work in my head when trying to make a film. It is much about sensation for me-- I respond without thinking much of the time. For me, it all comes together when in edit mode, much more so than planning ahead of time. I suppose if I was going for a less 'experimental' kind of short film, I might be inclined to show more discipline. But there you are. Anyway, am also researching the potential nightmarish aspect of combining real film and digital into one film and found a link that I think will be real helpful to me and anyone else who might be struggling with the technology aspect of it all:

Visited the Cinelicious website today to check into how they might do it, and for how much. Here is a link for anyone trying to figure out transfer costs, etc:

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