Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello all, Sally here. I realized that I had not yet described the film I am planning for my final film project here at CU Boulder. After having done various short 16 mm films, digital short films, etc, I realized that for the last two years I have been dreaming about making a musical portrait of one of my favorite writer/performers, Jeff Finlin. The idea for this film came about as I sat about one day pondering just what it might be that propels, compels an artist to write they way he/she does. The other question that arose was how does an music listener process the music and words. Is it images? Experiences? Is it primal? I ended up feeling that from my experiences of being lucky to work with some of the best writers of song, this was hard to answer, so this film is a somewhat experimental (like all my short films) approach to exploring this question. Some of the film will be shot on 16mm, some on digital, and hopefully include archival super 8. As you scroll through, you will see ideas form, images appear, etc. As the blog moves forward, hopefully so will this film! Thanks for taking time to read this, Sally

Live studio shoot for 4500 film project

This is the studio I will be using for the live studio shoot in the next month, MFA studios in north Denver area. The studio is housed in a turn of the century building at 38th and Larimer, and we will film primarily in the "Big Room" a 45x26  room with the original brick, and using skylight as part of the natural lighting. I am looking for someone from CU film studies to volunteer their time ( I will be feeding volunteers well) with the live performance shoot if interested. Just post here with contact information. We will also be tracking live sound.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

More location scout shots in Mead

Again, here in Mead on the farm. This is a railroad car from the turn of the century, like many other things on the farm. I like the look of the warming filter 85, but the B&W is great as well. Any thoughts? As well, somewhere in one of the field on the farm, I will be setting up an old old upright piano they found in a barn to use as a kind of object that sits in a long horizon field, either by itself, or using my subject artist walking from one length to the piano and sitting down and playing.

Location scouting week of Jan 25

This last week has been for scouting the outdoor locations. I found a farm owned by a friend who kindly gave me permission to shoot for the 4500 film, and so now I am taking B&W's and trying to see if using a warming filter gives the look I am going for with the Bolex 16mm.