Monday, February 13, 2012

Again, reading Bresson's Notes on The Cinematographer. Just by reading some of his words each day, I feel comforted in my dreams and hopes. His words bring home to me his idea of "Metteur-en-scene", where he writes that "the point is not to direct someone, but to direct oneself". Hallelujah to that. that seems to be the way I work, and many times, I will have the doubt that this is a good thing. I feel much, much better now. 


  1. yes, to not directing people, esp in a document. in any case they are in a relationship with you and we should feel the tether.

    1. I do agree here. I like the idea of there being a tether. That makes sense to me and that is how I like to feel/see/hear the energy in a film.

      Directing people to do your will is something I am not sure I will be able to approach with confidence in this kind of film. I have been feeling that if I have to direct, I want to direct the emotion and the image more than anything else. Thanks Jeanne! This helps me know I am somehow still on a good path with this.


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